At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we believe that responsible practices in conducting our business are key to the success of our company and to grow our brand. We want our customers to be sure that when they buy a Flying Tiger Copenhagen product, it has been produced with respect of ethical, environmental and social standards and it is safe to use.

Our Responsibility framework focuses on five areas:

- Products: We work to ensure that our products are safe and fun to use, and they have been produced under decent and fair working conditions. Our Product Compliance and Responsible Sourcing programmes fall under this area.

- People: We are dedicated to offering our employees in the stores, warehouses and headquarters a great, diverse and engaging workplace, with safe and fair working conditions and equal opportunities for all.

- Planet: Our planet is facing environmental challenges, which requires action from all members of society. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and therefore focus our efforts at two levels: 1) supply chain and 2) own stores.

- Partnerships: We have always been committed to charitable activities and we partner with a range of organizations to support people in need and to contribute to the local communities where we are present.

- Policies: To ensure we act consistently towards our Responsibility commitment and to guide our decision-making, we have developed a number of policies. All of our policies are approved by management and are subject to an annual review.

You can read more about our Responsibility commitment and work here.