Halløj! Read all about us …

Tiger’s taking off! We’ve changed our name to Flying Tiger Copenhagen all over the world, and we gave our logo a bouncy new flight suit. But don’t worry. Inside we’re still the same playful tiger we’ve always been. Our stores are still full of quirky Danish design and an ever-changing selection of fun and affordable things. And we still can’t wait to meet you.

We want to inspire you

We believe that relationships and experiences are what make people happy. So we want our stores and products to inspire you to try new things, to be creative and to have more fun with your family and friends. Or, as our founder Lennart Lajboschitz put it: “We want to be a catalyst. We want to help you live out your values, so your life is what you want it to be.”

Things you never knew existed

At our stores, you’ll find things you need, things you’ve dreamed of and things you never even knew existed. Things for your home, your office, your parties, your kids, your kitchen, and more. They’re stylish and colourful, practical and original, and most of them have a Danish flavour and a humorous touch. Some people say it’s the combination of funky, functional Danish design and affordable prices that makes us special.

We make Danish design accessible

Our Innovation and Design Department in Copenhagen is where we play with ideas and concepts and design our quirky products. And you’re not the only ones who like them: In 2015, our “Tea Bird” teapot won the iF Design Award and the Good Design Award. In January 2016, our water bottle “Hi Haj” won the iF Design Award, and in June 2016 our stackable series of pleated jugs and containers, “Fold”, won the Red Dot Award.

Eye-opening art

We want to give you access to art that stimulates your imagination. So we collaborate with well-known international artists. For example, in the spring of 2016 we introduced a series of crazy, colourful products developed with the Japanese artist Misaki Kawai and from early autumn, designs by the world-famous British artist, David Shrigley, will fill our shelves.

From Zebra to Tiger

Our founder Lennart Lajboschitz opened his first family-run store in 1995 in a rough-around-the-edges neighbourhood of Copenhagen. It sold surplus goods and everything cost 10 Danish Crowns (€1.5). That first store was called Zebra. But when Lennart opened his second store, his eight-year-old daughter Rebecca said, “We have a zebra, and now we can have a tiger too.” And he changed the name to Tiger. In Danish, Tiger is pronounced tee’-yuh, which means both tiger and a 10-crown coin.

More than 700 Stores

By 2000, we’d opened 38 Tiger stores in Denmark. In 2001, the first non-Danish Tiger store opened in Reykjavik, Iceland, and by 2010, Tiger had 100 stores in 10 countries. In 2015, Tiger stores served more than 80 million customers across Europe, the US and Japan, and to date we have more than 700 stores in 30 countries.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Over the years, our focus has shifted from cheap to unique, from standard products to things we design ourselves. Nowadays we design about half of what you’ll find in our stores ourselves in Copenhagen. Our new name – Flying Tiger Copenhagen – and our new logo reflect the shift.

All of our new stores will have a Flying Tiger Copenhagen sign right from the start day. And soon, our current Tiger, TGR, and Flying Tiger stores will join the Flying Tiger Copenhagen family.